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Hello! Welcome to the online home of Acklam Pet Care.

Acklam Pet Care provides a Professional Dog Walking Service serving areas of Middlesbrough. We are fully insured to walk your dog, transport your dog and for loss of any keys. For your total peace of mind we are Police checked. We were established in 2011.

We also provide Cat Holiday Visits to provide Holiday Care for your Cat or other Small Animal (not dogs). This allows your cat to stay in the comfort and safety of your own home and offer an alternative to the Cattery.

Your dog will be walked for either 25 minutes or 50 minutes as part of a social group, with up to 5 carefully selected doggy friends. The dogs are carefully chosen for a good mix and are encouraged to run and play on the walk. We call whatever the weather come rain, snow or shine! We try to select interesting areas to exercise your dog. Ideally we like to find a mix of open space and woodland with lots of interesting smells to stimulate your dog's senses with not too much mud! On wet days when dog(s) would return muddy we offer a complimentary warm shower to the paws and underbelly of dogs we walk. We do ask you to provide a towel and allow us access to hot water. You can choose if your dog is walked on or off lead.

Dogs are transported to their walks in the comfort and safety of our "Dog Transporter" which has air conditioning and roof ventilation. It can carry up to five individually caged dogs, all dogs are caged separately unless known friends or from the same home.

Each walk you will receive a service report that shows the time we "checked in" (also shows our gps position) to collect your dog, the location of the walk, a picture of your pooch, any comments we need to pass on and the time we "checked out", this is emailed to you in real time, so you know when pooch is back home.

We also post pictures of our walks on Facebook so you can see your dog enjoying their walk with their friends. You can view the pictures of our walks by going to "Facebook & Pictures" page.

Our Cat &Holiday Visits provide an alternative to a traditional cattery through daily visits allowing your cats or small animals to remain in the comfort and safety of their own home. We will feed, water and maintain the litter tray. We will also give some tlc, if your cat likes cuddles! We are fully insured for key loss and for your peace of mind we are Police checked. Each visit we'll check into your home using GPS and email you a picture of your pet(s), we'll also send feedback showing the tasks we have completed and on leaving, check out using GPS. This information can also be viewed on our customer portal.

What should you look for in a Pet Care Provider ?

There are many new companies and individuals entering this sector. Many will disappear overnight or after a short period of trading. You love your pet and want the best for them so how can you choose? How can you be sure the company you choose will provide the service you require?

If you know you're going to need help with Pet Care don't rush - take your time! Do some research on the internet. Choose companies where you can see positive reviews. Google & Facebook show reviews. Make a short list, don't use price as a decider. If a company is cheaper than most competitors there’s usually a reason. Likewise the most expensive doesn't mean the best. Listed below are some of the things we consider important, all reputable Pet Care providers should show this information on their website.

How long has the company traded?

We were established in May 2011.

Ensure you view Insurance documentation.

Our insurance covers us for up to £5,000,000 for Public Liability, £10,000 For Care, Custody & Control of your pet & £10,000 for Key Loss. We are insured to walk a maximum of six dogs together on a “Group Walk”.

Do you know who will be walking your dog?

I personally walk all the dogs in our care after experiencing that staff employed as dog walkers do not give the level of service you would expect and I strive to provide.

DBS / Police check (new name for CRB check).

Are you able to view this documentation for the person entering your home? You need to be sure that they are honest and trustworthy as they will be entering your home whilst you aren't there and be entrusted with the security of your keys. This information is available for you to view (along with our insurance documents) prior to our home visit.


If your dog is to be collected (for example as part of a group walk) will your dog be caged separately? Put together with other dogs? Or just in the back of a car? How many dogs are transported together? How many individual cages are in the vehicle? Ask to view the vehicle. Check that your dog will be fully insured whilst transported, it is a condition of our insurance that dogs in our care are caged for transportation.

We transport dogs to their walks in the comfort and safety of our vehicle which has air conditioning, roof ventilation and privacy glass. The "Dog Transporter" can carry up to five individual caged dogs. All dogs are caged separately, unless known friends or from the same home. It has been reported some Dog Walkers leave dogs in their van whilst walking another group of dogs. We collect the dogs en route to their walk.

Check In / Check Out.

Each time we visit your home we "check in" to your home using GPS. After the visit is compete we "check out", this information is emailed to you, along with a photo of your pet and the walk location, after each service.

If you need help or have a question, send us an email at :