Services & Prices

Our normal operating hours are (please feel free to phone, text or email outside these hours):

Monday: 09.00 - 17.00

Tuesday: 09.00 - 17.00

Wednesday: 09.00 - 17.00

Thursday: 09.00 - 17.00

Friday: 09.00 - 17.00

Weekends & Bank Holidays: Closed.

Dog Walking Service

50 Minutes  - £10.50 per "Lunch Time Group Walk" - Monday to Friday 

25 Minutes  - £7.50 per "Early Morning Group Walk" - Monday to Friday. This is a morning walk around 9am.

50 Minutes - £21.00 per "VIP Solo Walk" - Monday to Friday (Up to 2 dogs from same household). This is an afternoon walk around 3pm. Only the dogs from your household will be on this walk (strictly limited spaces).

Special rates for small & medium size dogs (for Group Walks only), discounts for Monday to Friday block bookings (5 days). Please email or phone for further details.

Weekends - We may be able to offer occasional services by special arrangement for regular Monday - Friday customers. Weekends will be charged at 1.5 your normal rate.

We require you to book and maintain a minimum of one walk per week (except for holidays, Christmas etc.) 

Our social group walks allows your dog(s) to run and play with their friends. We try to walk the dogs in interesting surroundings with open space for running and woodland for interesting smells. 
Your dog will be walked with up to five other carefully selected dogs. All dogs must be socialised. You can choose to have your dog walked on or off lead. On muddy days your dog will be given a complimentary warm shower to the paws and underbelly. We require you to provide a towel for drying your dog and access to hot water. 

If 2 dogs are from 1 household, the first dog will be charged at full price, the second dog will be charged at half price (maximum of  2 dogs on Group Lunch Time Walks, subject to availability)

We require you to book and maintain a minimum of one walk per week (except for holidays, Christmas etc.)

Price is inclusive of the pick up and drop off of your dog (from your home address) but may be subject to a travel supplement (see our "Area Covered" page)

* Time stated is for the approximate time of the walk. Your dog may be away from home for up to 3 hours (to allow pick up / drop off of other dogs)

Our Terms and Conditions for our dog walking service are found in the Dog Service Agreement. This forms part of our contract to you, along with our other paperwork, these must be completed prior to our services starting.

Please note the price shown is for our yellow band area. If you live outside this area there will be a supplement. Please check our "Area Covered" page.